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Saxmundham Market Hall Hire Charges 


Local Rate £10 per hour

The local rate applies to all local hirers (businesses and individuals), as well as any of the following (local or non-local) groups; not-for-profit organisations, hirers running sessions or events that benefit the local community e.g. keep fit, yoga, dance, adult education, hirers raising funds for charitable causes, and not-for-profit hirers arranging community consultations or meetings. By ‘local’ we mean Saxmundham, Benhall and Kelsale. 

Standard Rate £15 per hour

The standard rate applies to non-local hirers who do not fall into any of the categories mentioned above e.g. someone from Leiston booking the Hall for a private party, or a private company hiring the Hall for a consultation. 


Local rate 

Standard rate 

Morning 9.30am -1pm 

£ 30 


Afternoon 2pm-5.30pm 

£ 30 

£ 40 

Eves 6pm-11pm Mon- Thurs 

£ 50 

£ 60 

Eves 6pm-11pm Fri-Sun 

£ 60 

£ 70 

All day 9.30am-11.30pm 

£ 100 


Weekend 9.30am the day before event to end of day after 

£ 200 




Email to town clerk
assistant town clerk

Phone to Town Council office:
01728 604595

Post to: The Market Hall, Saxmundham Town Council,
Old Police Station,
Station Approach,
IP17 1BW

Saxmundham Market Hall is a charity registered with the Charity Commission, no. 235072.

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